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@Joe Riel 

There is a linearized model in the MapleSim file, and there is no connection on it. Therefore, it gives error but if you delete that linearized model, the file is going to work.


Also the suggestion that you gave, worked well in my project. Again, thank you so much.

@Joe Riel 

I mean that prevent moving rotational and translational. The link 3 and link 5 will moving parts, and the other will be locked as their original coordinates/angles.

@Joe Riel 

I need the equations of the motor/pendulum which has to be 3 (third) order but I cannot get third order ODE, only I got the 2. (second) order ODE.

@Joe Riel 

You gave me so much information, ı am grateful to you. Thanks for everything.

@Joe Riel 

Thanks to you, it solved my problem. In the school, we are going to start learning writing codes in MapleSim. Can you explain what we did in the code ? Again thanks for answers.

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