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My work requires me to use derivative a lot. Especially, the partial one. Given F(x,x_dot). Maple has this dF/dx partial expression, however I'd like to partial differentiate F with regard to x_dot (the derivative of x over time).

Is this possible? If possible, please tell me how.

Thank you.


Hello all,

I'll be straight-forward.

I have Maple 15+MapleSim 5. I don't have Control Design Toolbox. I want to embed a linearized system object as an msys file into MapleSim.

The Linearization template failed to create the file. I tried to use the codes in the template directly as code in Maple, but also failed. Seemingly because I don't have Control Design Toolbox in which the code need to load.

I have been googling around with no avail. I...

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