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Thank you very much!

I am not passing a name to S. X is a vector in practice, it is the value of X that is intended to be passed.

In fact, the procedure T acts as a template, so that K, in T, is to be replaced by what actually makes T work.  But T has a variable X, which is of the same name as the one in S.  In the process of building new procedure based on T, K need be replaced with an expression involving X.  For example, K may be expected to become X.X or X+X.X.  After that replacement, the new procedure is compiled and run.

Thank you everyone anyway!

I eventually found a solution, to use convert("X",symbol) instead of uneval('X').  But it does not work in more complex case.  Therefore, a solution is still expected.

Thank you very much!  I got it.

Thank you!  But print inserts line-break after each call.  Therefore, it cannot generate a compact output.

For example:

A: 1 2 3
B: 1 2 3 4

The numbers are expect to be outputed gradually and immediately after the number is processed.  Namely, it is expected as if the following three strings appear in a single line at different time.

A: 1
A: 1 2
A: 1 2 3

Thank you very much!

In current case, I*sqrt(-1+p)=sqrt(p-1), the I is unwanted.


In current case, I*sqrt(-1+p)=sqrt(1-p), the I is unwanted.

Thank you!

Great!  Thank you!

But how did you find the method?  I cannot find a 'Si' option for convert in Maple help.

Thanks!  But I tried before post, it had no effect.

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