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These are questions asked by al-faraj


I have this task which says:

Find the equation of the tangent for the function: f(x)= -ln x + ex P(2,f(2)).

So, I first defined the function in Maple: f(x):=-ln(x)+(e)^(x)

then I wrote the equation of the line which is: y = f(2)*(x-2)+f(2)


BUT it does not work! Help me plzzzz



I want to solve this equation in Maple, but I can't - please help me.







I am new to Maple, and I would like to get some help. Thank you.

I have an assignment where I had to make a power-regression of some numbers. 


Now, I did this. I got this  1,18971*x*0,38480



The next task is to make a prognosis (lol, I don't know how to say that in english), but I had to get to know what x = 17.

Ussualy, you would just put 17 in your function and then calcuate what x=17 is.


Now, I want to know if there's a method in maple where you can solve what x=17 is.


The reason i ask is because our assignment is a "Maple-assignment" so if there's a solve-function, then please let me know.


I appreciate your help.



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