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You can upgrade Nvidia drivers using

Which goes for Java, I tend to agree with you - while Swing performance have been improved dramatically, there are some corner cases when GUI optimization has bugs. My PC is dual-boot (WIn 10 and Linux) and there are some GUI minor bugs that can be seen on Linux only. And they are definitely related to Java.


If I move the mouse slowly over the disappeared toolbar icons, only those of them that are active (not grayed out) reappear. For example,  

the home button reappears but not backward/forward icons. Resizing Maple window triggers full redraw.

I can see the problem using your test even though it manifests itself a bit differently. I suspect this is something related to graphical subsystem optimization, maybe Nvidia-specific (I have rtx 2070). Some other tests:

  • When I increase Maple window size by dragging the corner slowly,  the new area is black until I stop dragging and then shows the contents. If I increase/decrease the size dragging the corner continuously (slowly), it stays black until I stop.
  • I do not see the problem starting any application, just those that use 3D-acceleration. 

The simplest way to duplicate the problem:

  • start Maple, open a new empty worksheet (no need to run any code!)
  • start Nvidia Geforce Experience program
  • close Nvidia Geforce Experience

After that, the toolbar in Maple disappears:

If I resize the Maple window, the toolbar reappears again.

It is quite possible this is a Nvidia-driver specific problem. Your driver is rather old, I have the latest Studio driver 528.49.


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