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How do I shut off userinfo & infolevel?


For some graphs inequalityplot needs feasiblepoints = 150 to get the area of the solution set to be colored completely.  On my system this can take what seems like a minute to complete, compared to Implicitplot that works instantaneously.  But inequalityplot does what I want, so I shouldn't complain.


My thanks to Georgios for steering me to the Maple Package.  Inequalityplot works fine.  I advise anyone using it to set feasiblepoints to 50 to get the area of the solution set to look exactly right.


I can't believe that there is not an equivalent of INEQUAL for nonlinear inequalities in Maple 9.5.  I also wonder why INEQUAL was written for linear inequalities only.  Surely there is a workaround for the nonlinear case.  Can someone out there suggest it?


J Tara:

Maybe we're looking in different places.  I'm using 9.5; maybe you're using a later version.  In 9.5  the syntax is FILLED, not FILLEDREGIONS.  Also, I can't find the examples in IMPLICITPLOTS you're referring to.  And there's nothing under COLORIING.

Here's an example of a system of inequalities:

x^2 + y^2 >= 9

x^2 + y^2 <= 25

y >= |x|

I would like a graph that would give the area that is the solution set a distinctive color (like INEQUAL does for linear systems of inequalities).



Thanks, the actual syntax is

     implicitplot(y>x^2, x=-6..6, y=-6..6,filled=true);

Georgios, you had it right except that you wrote sin(2*theta) instead of 2 sin(theta).



Sorry, Georgios, neither of your suggestions work.  I get a four-leat rose in both cases.


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