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It's great to see great forum like this one which has some people who can help anybody... Thanks Mr.Mihaliovs
My question is: I am using Maple 10 (Frent Analysis) I have this vector function S:=t->(t^3,3*t,t^4) I got S(1) wich is a vector ( 1,3,1 ) Also, I got TNBFrame(s(t),t); and tnb1:=eval(%,t=1) for t=1 I got the Normal Vectot N, Binormal Vector B,the curvature(s(t),t), and curv:=eval(%,t=1); >T := tnb1[1] >N := tnb1[2] >B := tnb1[3] >curv := eval(%, t = 1) The radius is rc:=1/curv; The question: Armed with this knowledge, use Maple to find the equation of the osculation circle to the curve s(t) at t=1. Plot the curve and the osculation circle on the same plot. Also, plot the three vectors, T,N, and B, at the point s(1), with different colors, at the same plot as the curve and the circle.
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