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Dear friends

I solve a rectangular system of equations AX=B   where A from order 3m+1x2m      X from order 2mx1       B from order (3m+1)x1   where  m=400, by LeastSquare or by multiply by A^T  


let M=A^T*A

then     M*X=A^T*X                 finally               X=M^-1 * A^T*X

Dear friends.

How can i increasing or removing the software limits for maple 16.

Hi everyone 

Is there a method in maple to plot a rectangular matrix.


Hi everybody,

I have a matrix A=[a[ij]]    MXM,

two vectors    X=[x[i]]    Mx1       and    Y=[y[i]]      Mx1  

I want to plot the following


                             a[11] with x[1] and y[1]



If I have a function defined as 

                                             F[i]:=x[i]^2 +x[i]*y[i]+y[i]^2    where  x[i]:= (i-1)0.1  and y[i]:=(i-1)0.2 ,    i=1..100

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