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@Carl Love 

As I said before, I extended the code which is in Maple centre from two variables to 4 variables. The original code works without adding x1 and x2 inside the function. With respect to your advice, I will leave all my interest in researching and will be included in classes teaching numerical and computer programming.

But extended code with error 99.9 is an excellent job to mine.


@mmcdara Thanks for your help. The colors take only one color.

Really it is very nice. Thanks a lot


@vv Thanks a lot it is very nice

Thanks a lot, it is very nice

@Kitonum Thanks a lot

I calculate this integration by Mathematica by using NIntegrate and with respect to singularities it was avoided and I get a discrete curve 

I need to calculate by Maple, where the function U(x,z) is defined  as follows

Now I want to integrate this function w.r.t x in the interval [0,10] to get another function as :

where the new function U1(y,z) is a function in two variables y and z.


Thanks a lot, but the function is defined in the first picture and.

with respect to Kitonum    the procedure is working for simple function but for the original function, it takes a lot of time. So I need a fast procedure


Is there a fast  numerical method

.Of course, there are a lot of singularities. But Mathematica can calculate this function with its singularities.

@tomleslie  Thanks

@Rouben Rostamian  

Dear Rouben Rostamian 

If I want to do this problem with contourplot3d is this possible


@Rouben Rostamian  Thanks a lot

Dear Christian, could you give more explanation, because the procedure does not work

@Kitonum  Thanks a lot

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