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Thanks Kitonum 250, just what I was looking for !

D'oh !! ... I knew that Maple was case-sensitive, I must've been tired. I stared at it for ages, and it didn't click.

Thanks :)

I don't know what Classic GUI is, but in any event Ctrl+F6 doesn't work for me either.

It's also worth mentioning that I tried this with multiple tabs in one Maple session, and with separate windows in multiple Maple sessions.

Doesn't work for me in Maple 13. Besides, its not ctrl-alt-shift, its alt-shift-f6.

Why ? It's all part of formatting a document the way I want it to be formatted.

BTW, writing in 2D, e.g. (5*x+4)/(3*x)=7, doesn't seem to make any difference. Maple still seems hell-bent on taking the 1/3 out the front.

The unevaluation quotes don't quite work. For example, key in the equation (5x+4)/3x = 7. You will find that Maple "tidies up" by taking the factor of 1/3 out the front. I want it to literally echo the input, without Maple doing any housekeeping before presenting the output.

The "copied from help page" version is the one that I want. This is so I can pick up the expression by label and input it to the ShowSolution command.

If I just type in ShowSolution, and then type in the expression between the brackets, I get the error message "Error, (in Student:-Calculus1:-ShowSolution) input expression does not have any incomplete calculus operations".

Well, for example, Maple has an in-depth step-by-step tutor for integration methods (making various different techniques available). These are aimed at teaching Mathematics to the student.

Why not something similar for ODEs ? ... If you take a look at the first two chapters of "Advanced Engineering Mathematics" by Kreyszig, you will see umpteen different techniques for solving First- and Second-Order ODEs. What I am wondering is why can't you have a tutor to solve ODEs making various different techniques available --- just like they have for integration methods ?

I can't see how Maple is teaching math when solving an ODE means shoving it into a black box called dsolve, and seeing what comes out.

Pity if that's the case. So, if you want to solve a DE, the only choice that you have in Maple is the "black box" approach, ie. input the DE and pop out the answer ?

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