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I have to admit that I have not tried do it fully, I have not done the greatest effort - there is no doubt about that. 
And you are right that you have provided all the necessary information. The reason for why I asked for the extra help was due to some time pressure. 

However, I have to say that it is absolutely wrong and improper to indirectly call me "lazy/incompentent". That is absolutely unacceptable. Shame on you. Those words are not acceptable here in this forum!  Mind your tongue.

I do not expect any answer to this message. 

@tomleslie Dear Mr. Leslie,

You are right about the question of aesthetics is a personally taste. 

I want to thank you very much for your extremely helpful and useful guide and reply to my questions. I appreciate that. 

I was wondering how can I add this little contribution to the graph? (I have attached an image).

The thing now is that I want a graph where the income functions are shifted, in this case, leftwards, i.e., the functions Iut and Itare shifted leftwards. 

It will also be helpful to have the shifted income functions indicated so it is possible to see they are named Ist+1 and  Iut+.

Yours sincerely. 


Thank you very much for this useful answer. 
Now, I have some questions regarding the aesthetics of this graph. How can I hide the numbers on the y-axis like in the graph that was in the document I attached? 

Furthermore, can I indicate the two functions on the graph so it is possible to distinguish between Iut and ItS? I.e., I want to name the functions on the graph. 
Also, I would like to name the axes so x-axis is called "ability" and y-axis is called "Income".

Please have a look at the highlighted parts of the image that I have attached. I would like to have those things on my graph in Maple.

Kind regards.


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