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@Preben Alsholm 

thanks a lot

anna rita

@Preben Alsholm 

Dear Preben, i have used your commnda but maple2016 reply

Error, (in plot) invalid color specification: RGB*(.9974349874, .1308402597, .1722369168)


could you help me? thanks, anna rita


good morning, i would like to do the same but in 3d, namely i would like to fill

there is something analogous for 3d?

thanks, anna rita

@Carl Love 

thank you for your reply, in this way i can have a look on the faces of the cube, but i am not able to visualize if in the interior there are max or min.


so, do you know if there is a possibility to color the whole cube in maple 7 using a functions?


thank you , i see now that colorscheme works on maple 18!

@Carl Love 

maple reply me with an error: unexpected option colorscheme



restart; plots[display]*(plottools[cuboid]*([0, 0, 0], [1, 1, 1]), transparency = .7, colorscheme = ["xyzcoloring", proc (x, y, z) options operator, arrow; x^2+y^2-z^2 end proc])


thank you for your reply, i have copied your command but there is again a problem since the plot does not appear again

the system gives only the command in blue. today i'm also not able to copy and paste here... firefox said me that this is not possible....


@Preben Alsholm 

thanks for your help!

anna rita

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