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I was trying to solve single variable nonlinear equation in maple. It gives reliable solution. For example,  equation of the type, solve(x cos(theta) -(2500-x (^3) sin(theta))^(1.3)-40, x).


But I wanted to solve for different values ( theta, k) simultaneously (shown below ):



Solve (x cos(theta) -(2500-x (^3) sin(theta))^(0.45)-k , x).


Where say , theta: 1,2,3,....,90

And , k: 3.1,3.2, 3.3,.............3.90


It would be great if you could provide link for some tutorials to do so. I am searching but still could not figure perfect tutorial to do so. 


I am interested to learn the procedure to solve this type of problem.


Thank you, stay safe and stay healthy. 

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