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THis is what I have so far.. is there anyone who can help me with this?

Let f(x) = 1/9*x^2, o<x<c

Find c so that f(x) is the pdf of a random variable X.

I have come up with this and was wondering if I could get some help. I cant get it to paste in, but I have

uploaded the file.. Please assist if you can.

Twenty five observations of a random variable X are :130.8  129.9  131.5  131.2  129.5  132.2  133.7  127.8  131.5  132.7  134.8 131.7  133.9  129.8  131.4  132.8  132.7  128.8  130.6  131.1  133.8  130.5 131.4  131.3  129.5  //.. How do I construct a stem and leaf display using stems of 127, 128, 129, ... 134? I also need to find all quartiles.. Thank you to anyone...

I am trying to get Maple to calculate for me.. Let X and Y have a trinomial distribution with parameters n=3, p1=1/6 and p2=1/2. I am supposed to find E(X), E(Y), Var(X), Var(Y) and Cov (X,Y). Thank you to anyone who can assist with this. And if  you can help me understand the concept behind it.. Im having some troubles with bivariate distributions in my Stats course :( Thanks!

If Z is N(0,1) find

a) P(0<=Z<=.87)

I understand how to get to 0-0/1<=Z-0/1<=.87-0/1

which ends up being OI(.87), but am not sure how to get this to calculate. Plus I ant use proper functions here becuase I dont have the pallette, but OI is an O with the I through it... Φ(.87) I beleive....

I dont know how to have Maple calculate ths to give me the correct normal distribution value.

I need to draw a box plot (BoxPlot(X,title="Box Plot", color=red) that shows the outliers, suspected outliers and fences. Can anyone direct me? Thanks.

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