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@John Fredsted Please have a look at my answer to @Kitonum . How ccan we differentiate strings from keywords? Can I use a string which is a keyword for example:

`if`(a>b, if, for);

@Joe Riel I agree. Sorry to have wasted your time. I was careless.

@Kitonum Thank you ! Din't know you could use strings straight away. By the way, since we dont use any quotes to signify a string character in Maple, how do we differentiate it from Maple keywords? Everything looks same. It's not even color-coded.

@John Fredsted Crap. You are right. I apologize for wasting your time. I feel like an idiot now.

@dharr so it wasn't a ';' delimeter error, it was a keyword error and Maple still showed it as a delimeter error? Also when I changed 'locals' to 'local' the next error I received was - "Error, reserved word `if` unexpected" which is a hyperlink, but when I click on it; it goes to an empty page,%20reserved%20word%20`if`%20unexpected


what should I do in this case? How can I research on my error?

@gkokovidis Thank you, I really really had a difficult time to find an example of While loop in the help document and also the official programming document by Maple themselves. I wondered if Maple doesn't encourage While loops. Even under the help section of While all the examples/ codes shown are For loops.

@dharr I did the latter, but there is no where I can find the structure of a while loop mentioned in the help. I mean examples.

@Markiyan Hirnyk I couldnt believe they dont have an option to choose Maple 2017 in their 'which version' of SCR page.

@Markiyan Hirnyk How do I report an SCR?

@rlopez No I am doing it in worksheet, after reading your comment I experimented the same in Document mode and found out it to be correct. The manual dint mention this difference. It just says use ctrl+= to get inline answer.

I am learning Optimization now and find it really really weird and inconsistent how Maple uses inconsistent use of names for their packages and other keywords. I wish it was all very same and neat :)

@vv Its been 4 months since you replied to this post now, and I have been learning Maple since. Like you said '1D Math' is the most reliable sytem to work with Maple.

Also, with my little experience, I seem to notice a few deficient factors in Maple compared to other scientific software I use,  may be you have noticed the same as well:

  1. No auto completion of parenthesis, keywords (proc-end_proc; if-end_if, etc)
  2. auto indentation
  3. spell check.
  4. inconsistency with naming convention, no particular style guide. One can use CamelHump or small_cases. Mixture of both seen in Maple commands.

Nevertheless great software to explore.

@Carl Love Excellent method, I wish Maplesoft makes a note of this and comes up with an internal structure like this. So very readable.

@acer Thank you, I understand my mistake now. 

@Kitonum Hello why is it that you have never used this, isn't it more structured ? Also don't you think Maple should automatically have this in their worksheet mode.


Also Mathematica's default is not Degrees. It's Radians. Which version of MMA are you talking about ?

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