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As an intermediate result in a longer calculation I got the following equation:

a*(p-ps)+b*(p-ps-b*ys/a+E-ys) = 0

Isolating p, Maple delivers

isolate(a*(p-ps)+b*(p-ps-b*ys/a+E-ys) = 0,p)


Calculated manually,...

It's a simple question, but I could not find a hint in the help system.

In economics it is very common to name variables like Y*, π* etc. They are unique, e.g. Y* ≠ Y

How can I enter them? If I just do it, it is interpreted as a vector function.

From time to time, you even need variables that have an overline (or bar),  above the character in addition to the asterisk, or variables like Â*.

A similar problem are variables that are named y' ...

I'm looking for a simple way, e.g. a function, to convert a system of symbolic equations in its matrix form.


(a+1)x - by + cz = j

2x  + (sqrt(d)+e)y - fz = k

(g-h2+1)x - iy - 4z = l

shall be transferred to matrix / vector form

A . x = b

where A i the matrix of the coefficients, x i the vector of the variables (x,y,z), and b is the right-hand-side vector (j,k,l).

The number of equations...

I'm Trying to calculate the Determinant of a 3 x 3 Matrix with symbolic entries with maple 15. But the Determinat function gives a wrong result. From the C+A-1 expression it uses only the C and ignores the rest.

When I calculate it "manually" the result is correct.

Here is what I'm doing:


The Maple file is attached to this question.

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