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Does anyone know of any Maple training courses in the UK (preferably in London).




I seem to be running into problems with too much memory use during a large loop leading to maple stopping due to "loss of kernel connectivity".


At the moment I am "resolving" this by saving the variables that I need to continue with the run. Closing down maple manually and opening it again then restarting the loop from the index where I left off. Restarting resets the memory and I can run the code for another 1000 loops or so until I have to repeat the process.



During a longish run (memory usage gets to about 1815M in 583s ) the loop terminates with the error message

" Kernel connection lost

writedata requires me to know whether the thing I will be writing is string, integer or floating.

I want to write a matrix where the type of entries can vary.

Is there any way to do this with writedata?


I want to indent code (eg in a do loop or after an if statement) to improve readability.

The tab button is disabled in maple worksheets (as opposed to documents).

Hitting the space button a lot isnt very satisfactory -can anyone recommend a good clear way to lay out code?



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