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i need your kind sggestions for this. i wrote the function w:=(xi(t),eta(t),diff(xi(t),t),diff(eta(t),t))→value.

but i cannot get the output, it wrote error in argument name. here value means the expression of the function.

best regards

I   have  the function W(Xi(t),ete(t),diff(xi(t),t),diff(eta(t),t)), a function of 4 variales.

I want to have all possibles second order partial derivative of this function with respect those variables

I want to evaluate the function A(xi(t),eta(t),diff(xi(t),t),diff(eta(t),t)) atthe values of xi(t), eta(t), diff(xi(t),t),diff(eta(t),t)  given above.

Thank you

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