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@Carl Love Thank you for all of the suggestions.  The original example from which I based my initial approach used vectors, and the example implied that it executed faster than using other data container types.  However since then I have done an experiment and proven that there is no advantage in my case to use vectors at all.  I appreciate all the suggestions on setting using the matrix approach.  This is what I ultimately settled on but your suggestions are more compact in terms of the matrix creation.  I will have to study these a bit :).



@acer thank you for your ideas!  I have never used this map function, nor the indexing operator, before.  I will experiment with this approach.




@acer Thank you for such a quick response!  Wow.  Hopefully I will learn these things well.  I'm recently moving from Mathcad after 25 years to Maple, after PTC has basically killed the product with PrimeXX.  It is frustrating coming from a experienced degree of knowledge about a tool to asking newbie questions 😊.


@Kitonum Thank you for such a quick response.  So is this approach what you used in your CountoursWithLabels program to make produce the gaps in your contours where the contour label texts appear (but using multiple clipping regions somehow)?  I'm really new to Maple programming, coming from a mathcad background.  Basically my question here was just trying to isolate the a way to put my own labels on a contour plot by having a "white background" for the text so that it created a break in the contour instead of plopping right on top of the line.   My approach for locating the labels would have been a tinker toy compared to what you did, just having them all along one axis where the essentially, but anyway that is what I was trying to do.  But it looks like you cannot generically “cover up” sections of a plot with a shape- good to know.

But having explained this, I see that someone responded to my question on your thread about your ControursWithLabels, and it looks like I just didn’t know how to pass my procedure as an unevaluated expression.  Hopefully I will learn these things well.  I’ve used Mathcad for >25 years and its frustrating coming from a high degree of knowledge about a tool to asking newbie questions 😊.

What a great utility!  So this solution shows the same result I am trying to achieve, but for my contour plot function I can’t get it to accept it.  If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it, as your solution looks very good if I could just figure out what I’m doing wrong, or why it doesn’t work and how to achieve the goal.  Perhaps it has to do with passing a procedure rather than a true mathematical expression?  I’ve attached the example worksheet.





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