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hi how i get all the roots? > fsolve('P2(x)=0',x=0..1); 0.7653758275 > fsolve('P2(x)=0',x=0..0.6); 0.1740920943 > fsolve(P2); 4.274188187 i need the smallest root and P2(x) is numerical solved it's not continius
i put system of eqn to dsolve (3) sol := dsolve([sysode, icsode]); and i am getting sol:= is it means that maple can't solve it?
i have a function f(q(t),...)= q(t)*sin(q(t)). i need to do df/dq(t). how? thank's
hi i am mechanical eng. student. i am new user of maple and i am useing maple 8. i need to do symbolic diff, diff of theta is theta dot. theta is function of t but i don't know it. i am building a def. eqn. with Lagrange equations. how i do it with maple?
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