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Do I take it that "datatype=%2" does not mean that each data type has a number associated with it? I was hoping this was a simple question and that "%2" would eg be the label for an integer and "%1" would eg be a floating point number. I am being too simple about this? Advice most welcome
Many thanks. Aren't forums brilliant!
Many thanks BA
To respond to my own question I have found the following straightforward. Write the unit vectors in terms of the independent variable eg if t is the independent variable and u_n is the unit vector which is rotating then write as u_n(t). This term is then used in the relevant equation. When the equation is differentiated using 'diff' this produces term(s) 'd/dt u_n(t)' which can then be simply substituted for the correct term which takes account of the rotation.
Please note if you make use of the 'save' command to save variables you then have to use the 'read' command and not the 'open' file command to make use of them: eg read "C:stored_variables.m"; where C:stored_variables.m is the path and name of the your file.
Many thanks for both comments. I had hoped for a saving the whole state and being able to continue but both ideas are useful.
Dear Doug Many, many thanks. I actually need it in the form assign( vec1[1]=vec2[1] ); and that works as well. I need this form because I cannot control which row of vec1[] that var1 appears in but since a+b+c will be in the same row of vec2[] - then when I use var1 after the above it still returns a+b+c. Brilliant.
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