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If I use


for |x|>1 I get a constant imaginary part of -sign(x) Pi/2.

Is this correct and if so can anyone help me understand why this is so?



If I use

plotsetup('bmp', 'plotoutput' = "F://try1.bmp");

every thing is fine but if I change this to


Maple evaluates for ever!

The above works fine for inline display.

Is there a way round this apart from exporting from inline?


I have used the FourierTransform command in Maple 14 and I have identified high frequency content in a signal (data collected).

I would like to filter out the high frequency content but I cannot find a command which does that and nor could I find a post about doing so.

There is a package, HarmonicAnalyses, for sale, which I could purchase.

Is there anyway to do this with Maple 14?

Would the Harmonic Analyses package do what I want? 

Can I install Maple 14 and still use Maple 10 which is already installed?


I attach the relevant file but in essence I have a function which includes a term sin(x+a+b) where x is the variable and ‘a’ and ‘b’ are constants, symbolic integration and solving then follow.

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