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Maple requires connection to the kernel for calculations.  Does that mean maple uses kernel mode device drivers? 

It would be nice to have all the collections of applications on the maplesoft application site on a single dvd or cd.  And every 6 months or so make available the newest added ones. 

Will Maple 12 run on 256 Mb's of RAM?  The website says 512 recommended but it doesn't give a minimum.  Can't go to 512 Mb's on my old laptop, the 8100 Toshiba Tecra memory slot B is failing (can't get it to work, one fix was to push on the RAM, doesn't help)  I know this isn't the place for it but if anyone has any tips or pointers to fix the RAM slot I would greatly appreciate it. 

Back to the original question does does Maple 12 work with 256 Mb's of RAM?

Just a simple issue,

When I'm typing in an equation with a lot of brackets, maple automatically underlines the bracket set however if you are at the bottom of the screen the underline will not be visible.  This is just more of an annoyance than a problem.

Perhaps in an update maple could scroll the text up half of a space or so from the bottom of the screen?  or be able to at least scroll the data up the screen.



You have options to open tabs in separate windows or move existing multiple tabs into separate windows. 

Can we add an option to combine tabs into one window? 

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