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Hi, @acer.

I tried that but it didn´t work. Stilll the same...

I cannot check the installation/re-install because it is installed in the university lab and I'm not in charge of it!

Hi, Samir.

I watched the Seminar this morning and it was very useful. Thanks vry much.

You mentioned in the seminar that MapleFlow suports most of the packages Maple support, but mainly those most used by designers. So, I'd like to suggest if MapleFlow could (in future versions) also support a few more palletes, like Calculus, Common Symbols and Constants and Symbols.

Best regards

Hi,@Preben Alsholm , @acer.

Really strange! Even if I don´t use any initialization file, I still got the same problems.

hi, @acer.

Sure, no problem.

And no, there is no code in the Startup region of the worksheets nor any hidden inputs. I initially didn´t attached the worksheets because I've got them directly from Maple website. But they're attached now, along with my "C:\Users\charliec\maple.ini" file (I had to rename it in order to upload it!)


Hi, @Preben Alsholm.

not that I'm aware about.

I would suspect the changes wouldn't affect libraries, since it could break compatibility with previous versions. Imagine you have to update/change your worksheets every time a new version comes out.

Hi, @Preben Alsholm .

That was one of my first thoughts but then, why would it work with Maple 2023 but not with Maple 2024? Nothing changed but the Maple version.

Hi, @brownr .

thanks for the reply. I'll try that.

yes @acer, it is confusing!

but thanks very much for the promptly reply.

Hi, @Christopher2222 

I've tried that before posting the question; I keeps giving me the following error message:

that's why I asked. But thanks very much for the suggestion!

Hi, Samir.

Very nice! Will there be a version for linux?

hi, @acer .

Thanks. I'll try that.

Best regards,

hi, @acer.

Thanks, I completely missed that part in the Help page.

DO youknow if ther is any global variable to make animations play automatically?

Best regards,

hi, @Samir Khan.

I'll try the Edit>Code. The for loop I wrote was just an simple try, just to see if it worked. Thanks very much.

Best regards,

Hi, @tomleslie 

oh, OK. I got it. Thanks.

Hi, @tomleslie 

I got it to work; just re-installing the package solved the problem!

Just one more question: how do you enter the parallel sign (&//)? Eveytime I try to enter "&//", Maple converts it to a fraction.

Best regards

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