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Duoc an dinh ra mat vao ngay 07/11/2018 vua qua. Chien Than Ky luon la cai ten duoc cac game thu san don nhat tinh toi thoi diem hien tai ve the loai nay. Voi khau hieu "Game mobile dinh cao - PK cuc manh". Chien Than Ky se khong lam ban that vong voi gameplay cuc hap dan. #chienthanky #chienthankymobile #gamechienthanky #gamechienthankymobile #chienthankyonline Dia chi: 5 Pho Tra Vinh Huong, Phuong 8, Huyen Vy Bao Hai Phong Phone: 84-780-977-2521 Website:

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