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Hello again!! I'm using Maple 11 i've something written with(linalg); A:=matrix([0,1,0],[1,0,0],[0,0,1]); nops(rowspace(A)); i supose when i declare the matrix it's shown but it's not showed who I can do for see the matrix and the rowspace??? Thanks Edit:No problem it's finished thanks!!!!
Well they said me calculate the rank of a class we do it only with reals numbers(-9999...+9999) without decimals (for example:3.14) so it's only then row reduction and counting the non-zero rows it's easy, tomorrow i'll codificate it! Thanks! edit:No integers or similars only numbers that the childs know :D
Hello again!! I've read about rowspace i'm not sure for what is...It give me vectors non nules of the matrix? And in rank definition says:
The rank of Matrix A is the number of non-zero rows in the resulting Matrix.
So i use a rowspace and i'll know the number of non-zero rows? Thanks for your help! edit:I have read in my language about basis and non-zero if I do an rowspace that it's the non zero i have to calculate the number of non zero rows and that's the rang
Application Center where is that? In the website or in Maple? I think is in the website...(Yes i'm not joking!) I think they want that we make a "program" like humans do the rank of a matrix third edit...I saw now the link to the app. center :P THX JacquesC
Thank you jacquesC can you upload the *.mw i don't kown what happens but the text in maple is all red :( and it doesn't run :'( That code calculates the rank of a matrix ?? Sorry I'm totally newbie with the maple (i use maple 10) Thanks again!
I know i can use functions that are implemented but i want to make the function ran... Yes, i want the code of the function LinearAlgebra[Rank] THX
sorry array i'm thinking pascal....matrix sorry
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