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Define the following bump function: f:=(x,a,b)->piecewise(x
Hi there, So I'm having this strange experience using dchange and then simplify: doing this: Int(Int(F(u,v),u=abs(v-1)..(v+1)),v=0..1); PDEtools[dchange](u=sqrt(1+v^2-2*v*mu),%,[mu]); simplify(%) assuming v>0; gives the sensible answer: -(Int(v*(Int(F(mu, v)/sqrt(1+v^2-2*v*mu), mu = 1 .. -1)), v = 0 .. 1)) But if I try to simplify on the same line as the dchange: Int(Int(F(u,v),u=abs(v-1)..(v+1)),v=0..1); simplify(PDEtools[dchange](u=sqrt(1+v^2-2*v*mu),%,[mu])) assuming v>0; i get -v*(Int(Int(F(mu, v, v)/sqrt(1+v^2-2*v*mu), mu = 1 .. -1), v = 0 .. 1))
I have been trying out Maple 11 on a Mac. I am having trouble with writing to postscript files - the output is not nearly as smooth as it would be using, e.g., maple 10 using the classic worksheet on windows (eg, try sin(x) with numpoints=1000 - it looks really bad close-up) . In fact, it looks like the pictures are either bit-mapped before being exported, or the resolution of the ps writer is not high enough. In fact, looking at the text in the ps file, I think it's the latter. Is there a way I can get round this? Is the old ps-interpreter available? Why did they change it from 10->11, or is it just another classic -> standard interface problem?
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