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Thank you again Acer

Thank you Acer

This was the answer I was looking for.

Gracias again



Dear Sir

Sorry that you read "parfar", but I wrote "parfor" with an "o".

Thank you anyway.


@Preben Alsholm 

My point is the following:

I want to solve recursively for increasing n's, so I write:

W[0]:=(n,mu,w)->sum(w[k] mu^(n-k),k=1..n);

W[0](n+1,mu,w):= w[n]+mu*W[0](n,mu,w); which allows me to calculate W[0](n,mu,w) for every new w[n].

Then applying the operator mu*diff(...,mu) to the above equation I obtain:

W[1](n+1,mu,w)=mu (W[0](n,mu,w)+W[1](n,mu,w))

W[2](n+1,mu,w)= mu (W[0](n,mu,w)+2 W[1]... und so weiter

Did I explain myself?

Thank you for your interest.


@Kitonum great help. Thank you very much.


I agree with you that convoluted is better than nothing but elegant is the best.



Dear Carl

It will take me some time to digest it but in any case many thanks for the effort you put into this question.



Sorry, I didn't express myself correctly. I don't want to recalculate everything, just until some specific command in the middle of the document and not at the end.

The button !!! recalculates the whole document. I only want to recalculate the document till the position of the cursor in some place of the document, not at the end.

I would like to see a Webminar on Finite Elements and specially on Discontinuous Galerkin Method.

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