The Memories to Treasure system gives those who look after a beloved one with Alzheimer’s recommendations on caregiving and specifics of the condition, though helping them link with their liked just one through the artwork of scrapbooking. “Alzheimer’s caregivers have one of a kind needs; Reminiscences to Treasure gives assets that will help facilitate interaction with family and friends,” claims Gail Hunt, president and CEO on the Countrywide Alliance for Caregiving. “Partaking in meaningful actions, including scrapbooking, makes it possible for time expended alongside one another to get additional constructive and might benefit Anyone included.” Even though individuals with mild Alzheimer’s disease typically knowledge problems with quick-time period memory, They might remember Reminiscences through the distant previous. Looking at outdated photographs and keepsakes may cause discussions about people today and previous gatherings, and might be pleasurable for everyone associated.

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