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Is there a Maple command for copying a text to the clipboard ? (Apart from using the contextual menu or the Edit-Copy menu option)

For example:

ee := x^2+y^2+z^2

CopyToClipboard( convert(ee,string) )

Thank you,

César Lozada




Please check this:


sum1 := lcm(N, 0)+lcm(N, 1)+lcm(N, 2)+lcm(N, 3);

sum2 := sum(lcm(N, k), k = 0 .. N);


Why is sum2 wrong?



César Lozada


Dear friends:




d:=convert(n,base,10) --> returns [7,9,1]

Is there a simple way for getting back n from d, i.e., 197 from [7,9,1] , not using a for loop?

Thanks and best regards

César Lozaada








Dear friends:

I have a long expression having a/some RootOf(something..) inside it. 

Any way to get just that "something..", i.e., the argument of RootOf() from that expression?


Thank you very much.

César Lozada



Sorry if this has been already posted.


When print() is invoked from a proc into a module, non-English characters are not properly displayed with Maple 18.

It works ok if it is invoked from within the workbook.


print("Están en perspectiva")

Put this sentence in a proc into a module and the character "á" wont be displayed

Output: "Est�n en perspectiva"

Any hint about how to treat this issue?

Thank you very much.

César Lozada 



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