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@Kitonum That worked. Thanks so much!

@Carl Love Yes that is true. I fixed it and it seems to produce the same results as Kitonum gets. Thanks.

hmm. I am glad this works, thanks for the help. But according to my prof, the values being outputted seem to be off. For instance, it should equals closer to -2 at T=1, and closer to zero at T=4. The function I am trying to emulate is the energy per spin in here

I believe, according to the document, that the function should be:
e:=T->-2*tanh(2/T)+((k(T)/(2*Pi)))*(D(T->2/Pi*Int(sin(theta)^2/delta(T)/(1+delta(T)), theta=0..Pi))(k));

I think that the derivative may be wrong...Any ideas?
It doesnt leave an answer for me using this code (@ e(1)), just a giant mess...

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