Some of mu close friends that have far better kd and are much better than some spec ops and also elite ops are diamond it master due to the garbage increased elites and specifications. I actually hope you guys like the concept I'm providing u and hope you continue to make things better.From -odell14. Genuine individual, Pls Take care of Affordable Ranking Suit MakingI dislike obtaining joined Gold Gamers as well as Unranked players even though I am Platinum 2. I understand this is a huge principle yet that's why I claimed The Leader should just be able to offer one or two gamers co leader. Additionally when I am also fragging and also the individual at the end of the score board has like 1 kill as well as I have 26. If we lost we would certainly shed the same quantity of factors as the lower player. However if I am lugging, the lower gamer will certainly get the very same quantity if factors. This is unjust since currently we have trash players playing at an extremely high degree.

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