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@Carl Love 

Thanks Carl.  It's a while since you helped me with the BEDMAS/PEMDAS problems!:-)

Refards the GIF animation it appears there are several people having similar problems - evenin later versions of Maple - and I'm still getting to grips with Maple 7!:-(   Cheers, David

Thanks for that Carl.  I did manage to find documentation on insequence=true in the Help files. 

   However, I have found that the garage door animation in the exported GIF file seems to fefault to Continuous mode (as in your example.)  In the Maple animation there is an option 'Single Cycle' or 'Continuous'.  In maple this works fine BUT when the animation is exported as a GIF file the resulting file seems to be in Continuous mode, regardless of whether the original animation was in Single Cycle or Continuous.  Is there a method of stating which one in the exported animation?  I would like the anmation to default to Single Cycle - and the user click on the image to repeat the animation.

Cheers, David 

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