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Hi Am having trouble converting a list to a string. Below is my Maple code: restart: #To read in a list of letters find all #possible words which they can make in #dictionary with(combinat);#, powerset ps:=powerset([a,b,c,a]); #Find all permutations of the letters in each list p1:=permute(ps[10]); #Convert list to string convert(p1[1],string); Final part of Maple output p1 := [[a, a, c], [a, c, a], [c, a, a]] "[a, a, c]" What I really want is "aac" - how do I clear the list parentheses and commas? Thanks David
I just posted a question on the "How do I...?" forum and when the line is
long it does not automatically wrap to the next line, just as this
does on the first line. It's not a 'big deal' - just a minor
inconveniemce. Or is there something I'm not doing?
Have just previewed this and the output to the forum looks OK. However on input the text goes
into the third column and cannot be seen - that's what I'm talking about.
It appears the output is OK but the input text is only obscured on long lines.
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