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Hello everyone,


I am currently trying to plot lines from different lists.

I got 3 lists with points and another 3 lists with points (Connect each point from one list with the other), and another list with my x-axis.


I tried something like that

(nply in this case is 4)

for i from 1 to nply do

sigma1P1[i] := display(line([grenzeu[i], sigma1unter[i]], [grenzeo[i], sigma1ober[i]])):

sigma2P1[i] := display(line([grenzeu[i], sigma2unter[i]], [grenzeo[i], sigma2ober[i]])): 

tau12P1[i] := display(line([grenzeu[i], tau12unter[i]], [grenzeo[i], tau12ober[i]])):

end do:

The for loop creates 3 tables with 4 line plots, but the plot:-display(sigma1P1,sigma2P1,tau12P1);

gives me this Error message:

Error, `plot` does not evaluate to a module

Have anyone an idea how to get these 3 table with plots in one plots?


And if yes is it possible to implement this in a EMbedded Plot Window?


Many thanks in advance!




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