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How can I show that the parity of the spherical harmonics Y[M,L](theta,phi)  is  (-1)^L?

Expand the Dirac delta function in a series of Legendre polynomials using the interval

-1 <= x<= 1.





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Can anyone help with number 12.2.5?



very respectfully,




I'm going through what I appears to be a rite of passage for anyone who wants to call themselves physicists right now.  The infamous John David Jackson "Classical Electrodynamics".


I'm going through a solution to a problem that I found but have trouble understanding the last step of the solution for 9.8.  It's the integral involving the value (n.p)(nxp*), and how the author handles that integration and this vector quantity. The integral is over all solid angles.

Is there a spherical harmonics package available anywhere ?


I may have to start using vector spherical harmonics and don't really feel like fighting with Maple, and the Legendre and Associated Legendre functions on my own.




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