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I was just wondering if there is such thing as a technique for solving integrals using a PFD(partial fraction decomposition) if the denominator's rational roots are complex numbers???

There was a command that allowed a user to convert a decimal to a fraction, I cannot remember and I cannot find it with help...

If I use a decimal like 0.569840290998053 into a fraction?

I notice that when I tried to factor the polynomial

x^3+x^2+2*x+1 I did not get the rational roots of the polynomial, then I tried using synthetic division to solve for the roots but I could not find a root. So I believe that the roots of the polynomial equation are complex numbers...

How could I use synthetic division to find the rational roots of this integral so that I could do a Partial Fraction Decomposition for the integral...

I thought I could plot this by the graph below but I got an error...WHY is that?

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