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I am writing a question in Mobius that requires students to enter the union and infinity symbols. I am using a Maple graded answer, and I am able to get it to grade infinity properly by typing the word "infinity" in the answer and using Maple syntax with symbolic entry, so that they have access to the infinity symbol in the equation editor. There is a union symbol in the equation editor, but I am not sure how to code the answer to make it accept the union symbol as correct.


I would like to plot a hyperbola using the polarplot command, such as the following:

polarplot(3/(1-1.5*sin(theta)), coordinateview = [0 .. 10, 0 .. 2*Pi])

But the graph includes the asymptotes, which I would not like to be included. I have tried the discont=true command, but it completely changes the shape of the graph and no longer looks like a hyperbola:

polarplot(3/(1-1.5*sin(theta)), coordinateview = [0 .. 10, 0 .. 2*Pi], discont = true)

 How would I get the hyperbola above to display with no asymptotes?


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