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Another solution for odd integers using the definiton of p given above:

p assuming n::odd;
subs(n=2*m+1,%); #Just for check: the same result as above

I think you mean date[i] instead of datum[i] and plot instead of curve in your code and you don't need the display command here:

krivka := plot(graf, tickmarks = [[ seq(d[i]=date[i],i=1..nops(date))],default]):

This is another solution using the nextprime and ceil commands:

end proc;



See in the help these commands:


There is an extra space in the definiton of your eqn. Try with this:

eqn := D(y)(x) = sqrt(x^2+y(x)^2);


It is good to see that Maple 13 can solve such type of inequaltiies, but it is not clear me from the documentation of the new features that Maple can show the infinitely many solutions too or just the solution for one period. (I don't have Maple 13). Maybe with option AllSolution=true?

You can also use the typeset option :




Probably this is not a solution to your integration problems, but you can check this inequality with the more robust verify command instead of is:


assume(X,real, Y,real, w>0);

verify((X+w)^2 + Y^2,0,'greater_equal');



It works with this modification:

evalm(`&*`(`&*`(A, B), (2*B))-`&*`(B, Id));

I am also struggling with copying the example from the help page or from the Maple worksheet to here. Copying doesn't work or alters the form of expressions.


for example:


see ?piecewise for detailed information on piecewise.

Try with Digits:=100;

Some advices (with Maple 12):

See the plotoptions in the help: ?plotoptions

You can specify the location of the legends as you wanted with legendstyle:


or you can give multiple legends:


With the typeset option you can put special characters on the plot:


In one plot



Yes, you are right. I read the article some years ago and I didn't remember of it correctly. Thanks for the link.


You can use the is or verify commands here:


verify(sin(2*beta/2),2*sin(beta/2)*cos(beta/2),'testeq'); # verify with the option 'testeq'

f := sin(x-b);

subs({x = 3*t, y = 5}, expand(f));



solve([(p+1)^2-p^2=0,p>=0], p) ;

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