Harder-to-get things, a lot more costly things, and also monsters with more elements offer you even more experience factors. Often, it is less complicated to obtain a huge amount of Experience with the manufacturing of food, esp. cakes. Unusual Wubbox on Water Island and also Earth Island got launched at the very same time, in spite of it being released on one island sometimes prior to. It's icon was additionally leaked in the book of monsters prior to released. It is possible to have a non-active Wubbox as well as Rare Wubbox at the exact same time. This does not clash each various other as they do not need the very same monsters - the typical Wubbox calls for usual All-natural Monsters while the Uncommon Wubbox requires All-natural Unusual Monsters. The Uncommon Wubbox is at present one of the most efficient monster in regards to coin manufacturing. At degree 1, it just calls for one bed as well as in return offers a whopping 54,000 coin maximum income, compared to the 43,200 optimum revenue and 15 minimal coin manufacturing rate gained from the common Wubbox. Earning price remains in coins per hour and also depends on Joy %, also each beast has a limit to how much revenue it can hold at a time.

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