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@ecterrab I am trying to convert a single statement in my document using Conversions and then LaTeX. I do not want toconvert the entire file into LaTeX.





@ecterrab I put them in the same directory and I did \usepackage{maple}. But the commands are still not recognized. I don't even know what the commands do.

I also tried \usepackage{maple}, not working either.

@ecterrab It is still not working. Is there any other means?

@acer I think I now know why. What I first did was to convert the bold a first to an atomic variable and then I type := value to assign. But that didn't work. I then tried typing everything out and finally converting a to an atomic variable, and that worked.

Having assigned successfully several such variables, I tried adding some of them together. Likewise, I first tried converting each one to an atomic variable while I typed the expression, but that did not work and some of the variables were used as the non-bold ones. I then tried finishing the expression first and then click on each bold variable to convert it to an atomic one. That worked.

@acer I initially did not find Accets Palette but then I discovered it was hidden and needs to be shown by clicking on View and then Palettes. I also found I can just add -> as a overscript to the variable, and it displays different from using Accents Palette but will refer to the same thing once assigned to a value.

As for the bold variable, I converted it to the atomic variable, but when I tried to assign a value to it, the value was assigned to the normal one.


@Kitonum No I didn't. I want them to appear as vectors when I type them so that I can manipulate symbols in Nonexcutable Math.

@Kitonum It does not appear as vectors when I type them. 

@ecterrab It doesn't work. I also put them in the same directory.


There seems no maple.sty file.

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