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@tomleslie thank you..i really appreciate it..its really simple ..thanks..

@Carl Love yeayhhh..i got the answer..thank you so muchhhh

@Carl Love I'm sorry but i really have to do it fast..can u help me please? why this part was error

@Carl Love thanks, u helped me a lot

@Preben Alsholm so ineed to choose small size of finite number right?thank you so much..

Magnetohydrodynamics_(MHD)_flow_of_a_tangent_hyperbolic_fluid_with_nanoparticles_past_a_stretching_sh.pdf  @Carl Love  

i send the research that i've studied and i just take the parameter value given at each graph. Actually, i need to get quiet same graph as in the paper.

@tomleslie thanks a lot.in fact, this is one of the tasks I need to send tomorrow, but I always get an error every time I execute this problem in maple and actually I need to get a graph.

@Carl Love thanks, i really need your help. I will check my initial condition in my paper.

@Kitonum or maybe i'm using maple 18 instead of maple 2018?

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