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Dear friends plz note: In android there is a force software in mathematics that name is MathStudio. This software is very good and users can solve many equations and important problems in math for example: bessel series and diff equations and plot2D and plot3D in decartezian or cylinderical or spherical or parameteric equation and other problems in advanced math. In MathStudio each command is like of keyword. For example keyword solve give us solve of the equation or ... So tijgertron comment is wrong because for Maple in android can be keywords instead type of commands. Like of MathStudio. MathStudio in android is faster than maple or mathematica or matlab in windows7,8. I able to work to Maple,Mathematica,Matlab,Mathstudio. But MathStudio haven't all of commands like Maple. For example Tensors or implicitplot3D or....but MathStudio have implicitplot2D. Please Maplesoft biuld a Maple for android to keywords like MathStudio. Thanks a lot.
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