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I need to do it in Document mode in the code though

Here is quite a bit more code:


omega := 2*Pi*f;

thermoCoefficient := Y*T*omega*tau/(rho*C*(1+(omega*tau)^2));
phiThermo := (alpha-beta*stress/Y)^2*thermoCoefficient;

phiTotal := phiS + phiThermo;

Do(%plotLoss=loglogplot({phiTotal}, f = 1 .. 10000, gridlines));



I removed a lot of the unnecessary code.  This will put a log log plot on the plot called plotLoss.  I'm trying to figure out how to put a scatter plot of points ON TOP of this plot.


Any ideas?


Do(%plotLoss=loglogplot({phiTotalAlpha, phiTotal, phiTotalError}, f = 1 .. 10000, gridlines));

Here is the line which normally does a log log plot of 3 different continuous functions of variable f.  I additionally would like to add a scatter plot on top of these 3 functions, however I'm not sure how to do that in this situation.


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