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@vv Do you know how to convert lines of code that compute SSj in matlab code? I don't have idea...

@Carl Love 

I have to write this  same programme also in Matlab language.

I need help because for me is difficult to write in Matlab language. For example, how could i convert lines of code which compute SSj?

@Carl Love I'll try. My problem is not about the representability of digit, but to create lines of code in Matlab following on from what you have written. I find it very difficult...kindly could i see how you would do it (even for just a help)? 


@Carl Love  Very good! Thank you so much!

I know it is not the right place, but this algorithm can be adapted in Matlab language? 

In my PC I don't have Maple, but I'm using it in laboratory school. I'm at the beginning and I remember what I had written last time. Perhaps, as mentioned by Adri van der Meer 1288, I did not have to put the parentheses. 

Have you tried if the calculation of a,b,c,d  is successful?

@tomleslie Ok. Beautiful idea, but my exercise is provided by my teacher and we are still at the beginning, so I don't know procedures with array yet. 

@mmcdara Not yet. Now I can't because I have not Maple in my personal computer. What's inside?

Thank you all!

Adri van der Meer 1283: I hope this procedure will work. Now I can't check. My fear is that it prints out the values 0,0,0,0...this used to happen to me in every  attempt

Tomleslie 2531: so my idea is incorrect?

I tried to write a:=a+1 once, but I received an error message: "unespected : in ..."

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