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I am trying to calculate the line element ds^2, for a de Sitter spacetime in 2+1 dimensions with positive cosmological constant, using the following metric and energy moment tensor:
1- ds² = -A(r) c^2 dt^2 + B(r) dr^2 + r^2d{\theta}^2,
2- T^{\mu \nu} = -(\rho + p) dx^{\mu} dx^{\nu} + p g^{\mu \nu}.

I tried several ways but I can't solve it using Maple 2023, Physics package. Could someone show me step by step how to solve this problem?

Images of the line element we need to find, the metric tensor associated with the problem and the components of the Riemann tensor.
My goal is to calculate the metric tensor, line element and associated components of the Riemann tensor for De Sitter spacetime with positive cosmological constant.

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