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Thanks, I can't believe it was that easy.  I messed around with plot3d last night for an hour trying to get it to work with no success.  Thanks. 


Thanks! Now on to the colorization problem!!
I have gotten most of the problem resolved using: with(MathML): MLexpress:=GetProperty(MathContainer0, value); SetProperty('TextArea2', 'value', MathML[Import](MLexpress)); end use; However, this will not work when 2D math is input into the MathContainer, i.e. diff(x^2, x) as 2D math. Also the result of the above commands simplify the input. For example, if 2*x*x is input, the output is 2x^2. How is simplification turned off so the algorithm follows WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Thanks in advance
I will try the plots[pointplot] method. However, I don't understand how I would generate "dummy plots". Do you mean create dummy plots using plots[pointplot] and then combine them using 'display'? Thanks, Phil F.
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