Reverie Knights Tactics is a tactical turn-based RPG that features strategic battles using isometric grids. Each decision could alter your story, or alter the appearance of the characters. Begin an adventure on a quest to uncover Lennorien the lost Elvian city that you can save loved ones, while fighting the goblins that have spread fear across the entire continent! Create your own hero's party all with unique specific abilities, talents and capabilities, allowing you to use different battle strategies to take down your foes. Discover a fantasy world using a detailed map and story exploration. This is a visually book-like adventure! Craft new items and accessories from the treasures you collect using them as a an advantage in your strategy each time you set up your characters. The Main Features Beautiful Hand-Drawn Artwork: Beautiful multilayer artwork from pencil sketch until the final hue. The story is driven by decisions: You are able to make a variety of decisions while working through your tasks. This can affect the stories of other characters. It is possible to customize your character's abilities and attributes to enhance your capabilities. Item Crafting: Collect powerful materials as you wander around the world , and explore combinations to create new items. Exploration: Travel your way to an enormous map discovering hidden missions as well as solving puzzles and discovering dungeons, scenarios, and even evil! 4 Heroic Characters Choose from 4 heroes, each one having distinct special talents and abilities, which allow for numerous options for battle strategies. Battle Phases: React to the plan of your opponent . You must devise the optimal strategy for each turn. This is a challenge to think about the future. Interactive Battle Scenarios can alter the battle scenes and make scenario effects that favor you! Multi-Battle Grids Every game has its own isometric grid that makes its own. As reviewed by pov hentai games

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