To the Left (A Few More. Continue. You're not going too far. The team will continue developing this game. tidy it up, incorporate some sound, more feedback from players, more visual heft and a proper ending. Stay tuned for a devlog which will include more information. We appreciate you playing this game. About: The book A Little To the Left shows how everyday life is conducted by an individual coping with the feeling of being overwhelmed. The tidy adjustments, sorting micro-alignments and stacking are designed to ease the burden of the tense situation that holds the person in a firm grip. Instructions: Drag and drop the item to expose its layout. When the items are properly placed, they straighten up, and cause much less anxiety. Credits: Concept: Anne Macmillan, Lukas Steinman Illustration: Anne Macmillan Programming: Lukas Steinman As reviewed by peach porn games

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