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Thanks your commend again,

I am using Maple 10.I am trying it (Robert Israel's modified solution ) but It did not work for me . Are they any way to see it? .

Thanks axel, I think as you. But I never see graphics that drawn by Mr.Robert Israel.

Thank you for your time. But I have a problem. I am trying your commend for my problem.


> restart; > Data:= op(fscanf("pvtszfrmt.txt","%{41,91,3}fa")); >

for i from 1 to 41 do

> for j from 1 to 91 do

> Data[i,j,2]:= Data[i,j,2]*Pi/180

> end do

> end do:

> with(plots):

> surfdata(Data, coords=cylindrical, axes=box, > style=patchcontour, > orientation=[0,180], shading = zhue);

> [ 1..41 x 1..91 x 1..3 3-D Array ] Data := [ Data Type: float[8] ] [ Storage: rectangular ] [ Order: Fortran_order ]

Error, unable to store '-.2500000000*Pi' when datatype=float[8]

Warning, the name changecoords has been redefined


But I have an error message.

"Error, unable to store '-.2500000000*Pi' when datatype=float[8]"

And I have an unexpected graphics. What is my problem?

dear ferediclet,

what is this ?

I am apologize. I want to write "what is this".

"twhat" is written wrong.

:(       :(          :(

thanks axel. I am trying for 2 months. Although I have datas of the figure, I don't see the figure. it is very important for me!

I don't draw a polar contour with maple. my graph is must be polar and contour. But I am not making it.

I send to eddy.doc. again.

thank you for your time. "eddy.doc." file have a graphic. I needs to the graph. 

My datas is in "pvtszfrmt.txt" file. The file have 3 column. First column is radius datas (r), second column is angle datas (theta), third column is z function. z=f(r,theta).

I needs a polar contour that it is in the "eddy.doc."

my datas is in the pvtszfrmt.txt.

sorry for my English.


unfortunately, I am not drawing my graph.

Sorry because I can not good speak English. I want to draw a graph with maple 10.

I want to draw a polar contour. I have some datas in a txt file. I want to read data and plot graphic. My datas have 3 colums. first column is radius (r) ,second column is angle (theta) ,third column is my fuction z. z=f(r,theta).

I do readdata and my datas reading. But I not drawing a contour graphics.

How do I to solve this problem?

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